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Founded in 2012. Our goal is to create a new situation for Denim industry with our experienced Jacquard weaving background.Being innovative is always part of our DNA. We use our strength in Jacquard filed to combine with denim concept, try to create a different but interesting product category for denim and luxury industry players.

Production capacity

Regular Indigo Jacquard: 70,000yd/ Month

PFD Non stretch jacquard: 120,000yd/ Month

Double Beam Indigo Jacquard: 25,000yd/ Month

Triple layer Quilted Indigo Jacquard: 40,000yd/ Month


300y/ Unit

Lead time

Around 25 days (300yds) to 55 days (120,000yds )

Unique Design

Quick Response

Affordable MOQ

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